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A few things you should know about dMinerals

Posted by Debbie At dMinerals on 11/25/2015 to News
A few things you should know about dMinerals

A few things you should know about dMinerals smile emoticon

~ Reasons started... To offer affordable healthy products at the best price possible and To offer women a chance to make money to help support themselves and family without the cost of getting started... 

So many have it tough when it comes to money... So trying to buy healthy/healthier products is almost impossible for many...
So by offering our products and Our FREE To Join Us Opportunity I hope to make a difference...even a little difference in the lives of as many as possible....

SOoo with that said I want to say...
For me it's not about getting a million reps to sell my products and making millions....
It IS about helping each rep that chooses to sell dMinerals be successful whether it is 1 or a thousand reps is about making a difference in YOUR life and about making it possible for others to be able to switch and purchase products without the toxins for a healthier life...
And helping others learn about the dangers of toxins and making safer choices...
If you compare our prices and our highest quality ingredients( that we put WITH our descriptions of our products) with other competitors prices and ingredients,you will see we have some pretty good prices !

~Because OUR prices are set at such affordable prices you will rarely see a sale...because plainly put dMinerals does not have jacked up prices

~Our mineral makeup is made from the highest quality in cosmetic-grade minerals and is 100% pure minerals.

~All products are manufactured here in the USA.

~Another reason our prices are very reasonable because we don’t run expensive info-mercials.

~dMinerals mineral rice powders contain cosmetic-grade rice powder for oil control.

~dMinerals 100% Pure and natural mineral makeup does not support bacteria, therefore, it’s not easily contaminated - compared to liquid foundations found in commercial brands.

~dMinerals mineral makeup works well for those with skin allergies or problems such as eczema, extra sensitive, or irritated skin.

~dMineral makeup is ideal for those with acne or rosacea prone skin, post-surgical/post-chemical peel skin, or those with any inflammatory skin conditions .Dermatologists often recommend mineral makeup because mineral makeup provides an excellent sun protection & combined with the iron oxides, have naturally anti-inflammatory benefits.

~dMinerals currently offers a GREAT selection 35 SPF15 mineral foundation colors & SPF-25 Ultimate Concealers. dMinerals also offers one of the largest selections of long-lasting mineral eye shadows with over seventy colors to choose from (Regular & Frosted Choices total together). You will also find 28 different mineral blushes and bronzers.(Our selections could change at any time BUT we don't plan on changing your choices of selections in colors)

~We are ECO Friendly _ Family Friendly_Cruelty FREE_Vegan Friendly

~dMinerals Makeup is free of all potentially harmful ingredients found in many commercial brands, such as: preservatives, talc, synthetic chemicals, carmine, parabens, artificial dyes, fragrances, bismuth, cornstarch, and various fillers.

~All dMinerals products are Gluten Free EXCEPT: Shampoo, Conditioner, Cleanser for Sensitive skin, Detangler

~Free of harmful ingredients, our mineral powders Do Not contain: No Bismuth (causes itching, redness or rashes) -- No micronized minerals/nano-particles - No coated minerals - No Parabens - No preservatives - No talc - No Synthetic dyes - No parabens - No carmine - No fragrances - No PetroChemicals - Non-comedogenic / Will not clog pores - Cruelty Free / No Animal Testing. MADE IN USA

~We DO NOT stock our products on a shelf ! Customers orders are made when order is processed... Anyone that values and purchases products that ARE NOT preserved with toxic chemicals knows the fresher the better ! Our products shelf life is from the date of purchase
Product Shelf Life Is From The Date Of Purchase.
Your products are made when purchased.
Mineral Makeup:
100% Pure minerals mineral makeup has an indefinite shelf life
18 months
Lip products:
12 months
Mascara & Liquid Eye Liner, Liners:
12 months

~Because we make your products when your order is purchased & processed...
we DO NOT just pull your order off a shelf and ship it ! 
And that is one main reason why our shipping can or will take longer than many other companies that sell products with chemical preservatives .. 
Our shipping and processing time can average 2-3 weeks many times can depend on many things...

AGAIN anyone who purchases our type of products knows that in similar types of toxin free skincare companies the products are not always stocked 
WHY ? For one thing the oils go bad and if you smell the container with rancid oils you will see what I mean... dMinerals takes care to sell the freshest products possible ! 
In HUGE companies they usually have a faster bigger turnover of products so they will usually stock their products.

~ We DO NOT ship on the weekend ! We are a family oriented company and believe it is important to spend valuable moments with our families....orders placed over the weekend or holidays will be processed the following Monday or next work day.

~ We are proud of what we offer you in product and opportunity

Debbie At dMinerals