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5 Spring Into Green~Healthier Cleaning Ideas

Posted by Mama Bupkiss on 5/23/2016 to Toxins

Spring Into Green~Healthier Cleaning !
Okay...So I know many of you have not even started your Spring Cleaning lol !
SOooo...How about a little nudge and a little advice !

All those beautiful flowers will be out soon and the wind will be blowing those 
sweet scents your way...The smell of fresh cut grass...
Looks like it's time to clean with some of natures gifts...
A safer-fresher way to go

1~ Citrus Cleaner

I love a good citrus cleaner ! 
It cuts through grease and it makes things shine !

2~Get those windows sparkling clean ! 

Grab those old newspapers and a good window-all purpose cleaner
and get started ! Find cleaners that contain ingredients like Vinegar~Tea tree essential oil~
Hydrogen Peroxide~Citric Acid~Organic Alcohol~ Etc....

3~ Baking Soda !

Oh my gosh I LOVE my Baking Soda ! I use it for soooo many things ! 
From Baths to unplugging a drain ! It's a great deodorizer for sure !
If you keep a box in the fridge to keep odors can use that box to scrub pans and dishes and the tub !
So don't toss it until you get what you can out of it...
I use the big D dish liquid and baking soda to clean pans and glass baking dishes...
Pour baking soda and vinegar down a plugged drain a couple times to unplug it ! Followed by hot water.
Baking soda is a mild-fine abrasive...
You can use it to clean and deodorize garbage cans,the fridge,laundry items including throwing some in
your wash ! Give baking soda a chance to absorb those odors by letting it sit overnight and then vacuum 
or rinse whatever the case may be ...Baking soda really is quite amazing !

4~ Get Some Castile Soap !

Why you ask ?
Because it can be used for many things !
It's a great green cleaning alternative !
Add 1-5 tablespoons to a dish pan or mop bucket..
It's a 100% biodegradable & gentile natural cleaner
that cuts through dirt ! And guess what ! It does not leave behind
those harmful chemical residues !
You can clean most anything with the solution ...Floors,carpets,counters,Laundry,dish soap
sinks...tubs...just about everything !

5~ Borax

If you are going to be cleaning with borax it is recommended you use gloves and 
have the room well ventilated room

Some people really like to use Borax....It is similar to baking soda...It is deodorizing but it is 
stronger than baking soda and it is also a mild disinfectant...
BUT It can irritate the lungs & skin but is is also a better choice than those toxin filled cleaners...

Soooo Comment below with your great-safe ways to clean !