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15 Ways To Fight That Nasty Stomach Bug-Flu

Posted by on 12/19/2016 to News

UHhhh~OHhhhh !
Those nasty bugs~colds & flu are starting up !

I have had many people telling me about being sick with some pretty nasty things going around !
The Noroviruses are the biggest cause for the stomach bugs and flu that are HIGHLY contagious and can be spread from touching things.... SOooo keep those hands washed and away from mucous membranes-hands,mouth,eyes,nose. And keep the sick one away from others because we don't want the virus to spread if we can at all help it..
....They can last anywhere from 1-10 days basically...Symptoms can include watery diarrhea, stomach cramps, and vomiting,muscle aches, headache,fever...

So let's talk about a few of Nature's gifts that come in handy at such a time :) Nature is quite amazing !

Let's see ...that wretched stomach bug / flu is just awful !

There are some things from your kitchen & garden that you may want to consider....

....Remember when there is vomiting to go easy..a little of whatever you want to put in that belly when it is upset like a sip to a teaspoon-tablespoon at a time and you can increase it as it starts feeling a little better and you tolerate that little bit you swallowed...

First of all get your rest and drink the fluids especially water even if you can only handle drinking 1 teaspoonful at a time and run a clean humidifier because illness loves that dry air and hates humidity and you need to stay hydrated any way you can....Try sucking on some ice chips to get some hydration or juice pops or frozen cubes

1~ Chamomile Tea wonderful any time ! But it can be very soothing on the stomach during illness.....It has anti-inflammatory & antispasmodic properties.....Chamomile can help give you relief with all that goes along with the stomach bug flu... like nausea, diarrhea, gas,muscle spasms, cramps,etc....I make a warm tea with it and add some honey and lemon or drink it with just can also add a peppermint tea bag that will also be helpful...depending on what you like strength wise you may want to put the tea in a bigger container/teapot so it's not so strong.You can just drink it right down or just keep sipping little sips for some tummy bug relief !

2~ Ginger also another well known herb that has brought many much needed relief with stomach bugs-flus and other stomach issues. Ginger has anti-viral & anti-inflammatory properties and you can make a tea from the ginger root by cutting off a small piece and simmer in some water and sip throughout the day.Adjust the strength / mildness to your liking and needs...ginger can have a little bite to it...

3~ Lemon is also great ...It seems for one thing that people find relief from being queasy when they drink something with fresh lemon juice or just sucking on a piece of lemon.And research says that is from the citrate in the lemon ..It has lots of Vitamin C to fight the can help with the body's PH...It helps to kill what causes diarrhea...Just add a little FRESH squeezed lemon to your hot tea or any drink... The citrate is a very helpful part of the lemon juice..
Lemon juice and lemon oil has and is used to disinfect & clean surfaces for many-many years and to use to clean hands.

4~ Elderberry syrup extract !
.... This is one thing I make sure I have before the cold & flu season ! One of my favorites during cold and flu time ! If you do some research the use of this wonderful berry goes back as far as you can practically read for it's medicinal uses ! Elderberry has ant-inflammatory properties... Research has shown the effectiveness of elderberry against cold & flu viruses ! You can purchase this little miracle in many stores !

5~Raw Honey
... has antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal properties.... Which can & will be very helpful for things like viruses, bacteria & fungus...Honey can be used for many things-in many ways...We mix raw honey with some cinnamon and lemon and take a teaspoon at a time (or more lol) it's great as a cough syrup and for a sore throat ~honey was shown to reduce mucus secretion and coughs...We also make a hot tea from it and it tastes really good !
Raw honey is kind of like taking a vitamin...AHhhh the nectar of the bees is quite the thing for the body...Studies have shown that raw honey contains the disease-fighting antioxidant flavonoids.

6~ Peppermint
.....Has anti-microbial,anti-inflammatory properties that can help with those nasty germs that cause stomach flu..It is soothing & cooling ...It helps relieve gas and bloating and helps to relax the stomach muscles...Helps to relieve muscle spasms that can lead to vomiting...Peppermint Oil (and chamomile oil) diluted with a good carrier oil and rub on the stomach to relieve things such as cramping,bloating,gas etc,,,is used by many...But the most common way for relief is a good old cup of hot tea made from peppermint.

7~ Coconut Oil & coconut water
....Add a little coconut oil to your hot drink and drink coconut water to stay well hydrated...Coconut Oil contains lauric acid that has very strong antiviral properties for virus-fighting .You can add coconut oil to your diet in many drinks,foods,eating a spoonful etc...If your throat is also sore coconut oil can be very soothing..You can make tiny buttons of coconut oil and other things like lemon juice,elderberry syrup,honey,berries etc...for when you are ill by whipping them together and putting it in those tiny ice cube trays and cooling in fridge or freezer...

8~ Banana
Try some banana for the diarrhea,vomiting and constipation ( Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry ). It seems that people recover more quickly when eating banana or some type of pectin..helping to reduce the diarrhea and vomiting or eliminating it and prevent fluid loss. (Credit PubMed)

....Garlic is one of mother nature's miracles....It has antibacterial,anti-viral,antioxidant,anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties..and a little compound called allicin that is an organosulfur compound that gives garlic it's anti-bacterial activity and it basically appears when you bang,cut damage the garlic ....Although this may be used more likely by an adult you can surely make some good old chicken soup with lots of garlic for everyone !

10~ Oats...
Try a eating few pieces of dry oats to help with the nausea that comes with the stomach bug

11~ Salt use a LITTLE salt with your drink...just a little to help replace what you have lost from the vomiting and diarrhea

12~ Probiotics Improve Gut Health
Are really great to get that good bacteria back in that belly especially after a nasty stomach bug and get the tummy working right and in a healthy state.If you love sauerkraut get eating it after your stomach bug is gone...I love kefir to drink and yogurt..pickles,kimchi,vinegar,(Raw apple cider vinegar)kombucha ( fermented sweet black tea) are also good....
13~ BRAT diet banana, white rice, applesauce, and dry toast is also a good idea used by many

14~ Get lots of rest

15~ Diffuse with immune blends of Essential Oils !
Try our DMinerals Botanical 5 Immune Blend a fantastic spicy rich/ holiday scent to use in your
 diffuser to scent your home and office...This is a great E.O. blend to use during the cold and flu season
 to chase off those viruses,germs and bacteria..a blend of five fantastic,powerful essential oils that are 
scientifically documented to be highly antibacterial, antiviral,anti-infectious, and antiseptic....