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12 Oils That Moisturize & More

Posted by on 6/27/2016 to Ingredients
Natures oils from her precious plants are one of natures greatest gifts !

It only takes 1 or 2 drops to do the job ! And if it does not absorb in just 
a couple minutes then you are using too much !
You can tell when your oils have gone bad because they will smell funky.

1~ Coconut Oil probably one of my favorite oils ! It is so useful with tons of benefits !
The fatty acids are great ! .... people with eczema will love this oil !...a fantastic moisturizer
You can even use a dab to tame those fly away hairs !

2~ Rose Hip Seed Oil is a favorite of those with acne prone skin
~uneven skin pigment/discoloration~lines & scars
It may take a couple weeks to notice a difference
A great help for cell turnover because of it's fatty acids and vitamins A & C
Helping with your collagen & elastin

3~Lavender Oil is great !
It helps control sebum so it's great for acne !
Also soothes irritation 
You can even use it to keep some bugs and insects away !
It has disinfectant and antiseptic properties

4~Jojoba Oil great for dry skin ! (pronounced ho-ho-ba)
It is easily absorbed because it is so similar to our
own skin oils & moisturizing. 
And it contains some great vitamins and minerals that are great for our skin !
Apply a little at might just see clearer skin

5~Castor Oil is great for breakouts with its anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial properties
It also helps with scars and skin discoloration

6~Avocado Oil Is great for sensitive~Dry and irritated skin.
It's fatty acids make it a wonderful oil.

7~Flaxseed Oil is another great oil with fatty acids with great benefits !
Great for sensitive skin~eczema~inflammations of the skin~anti-inflammatory properties

8~Hemp Seed Oil does not clog pores !
Great for eczema & psoriasis~helps eliminate blackheads and acne.
80% fatty acids ! Wow ! 

9~Argan Oil is good for dry hair and dry skin and works well on fine lines also.
The fatty acids in this oil are probably the secret to its great benefits !

10~Grapeseed Oil is especially great for around the eyes and neck ,fine lines !
Helps brighten the skin with it's high vitamin C content

11~Tamanu Oil is an acne~skin healing~sun damage healing kind of oil with a special lipid in it !
It has antibiotic , very strong anti-inflammatory , antimicrobial , antioxidant properties...hey what more could you ask for !

12~Olive Oil is known for it's great skin benefits !
Recommended for dehydrated skin....
A great natural moisturizer with lot's of fatty acids & vitamin E !
It is similar to our skins oils which makes it more easily absorbed.
It is a little bit heavier than some of the other oils and that is why
people with acne tend not to use it on their skin.