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Mineral Blush/Bronzers-Natural SPF-15

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You will love “dMinerals” Mineral Blush/Bronzers ! 

100% pure~ natural loose mineral blush and bronzers…..Ours are long-wearing , silky & sheer. They blend like they were meant for your skin ! 

Our blushers and bronzers will give you great color and our mineral makeup will go a long way. 

 Made in USA 

 “dMinerals” Blushes & Bronzers contain only natural ingredients: 

Sericite, iron oxides, and titanium dioxide, and ultramarine blue. 

 Our mineral makeup products are free of harmful ingredients. 
They do not contain any of the following: 

No micronized minerals/nano-particles 
No coated minerals 
No preservatives 
No talc 
No Bismuth Oxychloride(known for causing skin to become itchy, breakout, or turn red)
No Synthetic dyes 
No parabens 
No carmine 
No fragrance 
No PetroChemicals 
Non-comedogenic / Will not clog pores 
Cruelty Free / No Animal Testing Not too shiny/sparkly. 

Our mineral foundations are considered near matte. 

WOW ! So many colors to choose from ! 
501 Primrose: A cool semi-matte medium smokey lilac.  
502 Crimson Brown: A rich semi-matte blend of copper with a hint of rich mauve. 503 Light Primrose: A semi-matte blend of medium mauve & light lilac. 
504 Terra Cotta: A semi-matte blend of apricot & pink. Offers a natural light touch of color.
505 Summer Glow Bronzer: A medium semi-matte cinnamon and golden honey. 
506 Peaches N’ Cream: A semi-matte creamy peach & light rose. 
507 Brown Shimmer: A semi-matte dark cinnamon brown bronzer. 
508 Wild Rose: A bold & rich semi-matte mulberry mauve. 
509 Pink Glow Bronzer: A light & creamy semi-matte pink bronzer. 
510 Light Merlot: A matte pink & mauve. 
511 Rosewood: A matte blend of brown and rose. 
512 Orchid: A matte color. A classic pink. 
513 Pale Apricot: A matte neutral beige blend of pink & peach. 
514 Natural Glow: A semi-matte. Neither pink or coral, just a touch of color. 
515 Passion Glow: A medium natural bronzer with a blend of a hint of mauve and light brown. 
516 Light Coral: A cheerful natural orange. For lighter skin or use as a highlighter for darker skin tones. 
517 Coral: A warm medium orange. Great for medium to medium-dark skin tones. 518 Tan Glow: A semi-matte. Not too pink, not too orange. This has great balance for any time of year! 
519 Bronze Glow: A shimmering medium sandy coral brown. 
520 Peach Bronze: A shimmering light coral and pink sandy brown. 
521 Golden Bronze: A medium-dark brown with a shimmering gold. 
522 Wild Pink: A vibrant light and shimmery baby pink. 
523 Crimson Rose: A medium berry and coral blend. A semi-matte 
524 Berry Bronze: A blend of mauve and bronze shimmer. 
525 Blushing Roses: A deep cranberry shimmer. 
526 Light Bronze: A semi-matte neutral light sandy brown. 
527 Pink Roses: A shimmering pink with a hint of mauve. 
528 Warm Glow: An all over bronzer. Color match to B.E., “WARMTH”

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